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Available For Sale: Aviation.Org

This premium domain -- aviation.org -- may now be purchased

Parties interested in purchasing this domain are encouraged to make contact with Afternic, the organization that is handling this transaction.

Please call Afternic at +1 781-314-9607 or 844-886-1722 or, alternatively, click this link: Afternic.

Aviation.Org's History

Since 1995 this website promoted aviation safety with pilot performance topics encompassing . . .
Cockpit Leadership | Airmanship | Cockpit Management | Command Responsibilities | Pilot Judgment | Decision Making

. . . and safety management subjects covering . . .
SMS | IS-BAO Standards | Safety Audits | Internal Reporting | Hazard Identification | Risk Management

A large subscriber base developed over this time period. Frequent and regular e-newsletters were composed and distributed with many loyal and friendly subscribers joining in the dialogue.

Unfortunately it is now time to close this particular chapter and look ahead to new adventures. It has been my pleasure to share knowledge and experiences with this inspired audience whose members have embraced this love for aviation and experienced the joy of flight. Many thanks for the encouragement and support, Bob Jenney

Aviation.Org's Future

As this nonprofit venture changes its focus it is hoped the new ownership will have a continuing positive influence in sustaining and improving essential aviation pursuits.

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